Tantal originated in 1956 as a manufacturer of primary materials needed for the production of Hard Metals. In 1991, there was a turning point as a result of the economic liberalization in which the national consumption was drastically reduced, Tantal initiated a process not only in which it inserted itself in the International marketplace, but which also included a change of products. As well as producing raw materials, they began to manufacture hard metal parts for the wood, fitting and turning, mining and petroleum industries which included the realization of special development projects as requested from their clients.

It is currently the only manufacturer in South America of raw materials of hard metal products (Tungsten Carbide, Metallic Tungsten, Cobalt and Tantalio Carbide)

It is the biggest raw manufacturer of hard metals in the country and the largest in South America for the wood and timber industry. More that 70% of Tantal’s production has been exported mainly to Brazil, Italy, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela and Mexico since 1991.

The Tantal Brazil Ltd branch was created in our neighboring country in 1999 to commercialize our products manufactured in Argentina. As of July, 2004, the manufacture in Brazil of hard metals was initiated to supply part of the local market.

In 2000, the ISO 9001 Certification was obtained by Tantal, and in April 2007 the Environmental Certification was achieved under the Standard ISO Norm 14001.

There is a comprehensive laboratory for Quality Control and Analysis which guarantees the manufacture of products which not only comply with the specifications requested by the clients but allows for the development of new products.

Quality, flexibility and adjustment to the requirements of its clients are the characteristics that differentiate Tantal, with an emphasis on the manufacture of special parts with drafts provided by the clients with particular attention to grades required for their practical utility, inclusive of small orders and short term delivery.

The principal products being manufactured are:

» Hard Metal parts for the Metal Mechanical sector.
» Hard metal parts for the Petroleum and Mining industries.
» Hard Metal parts of the Timber/Lumber and woodworking Industries.
» Raw Materials: for the manufacture of hard metal products and Diamond tools industry (Tungsten Carbide, Tungsten Metal, Cobalt, and composites of Tantalum and Niobium)

Today, Tantal continues to develop and constantly improves their products to the benefit of our clients

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