Tantal has an analysis and quality control laboratory which guarantees the production of products that fulfill the customers’ requirements, together with the development of new products.

The metalographic and chemistry laboratories allow the control of the specified processes in the different moments and the final quality controls of the pieces.

From each produced lot, a sample is taken and sent to the metalographic laboratory and the following tests are made:

Destructive tests::

  • Structure: it allows to control the piece structure, the crystals distribution, the presence of porosity and the formation of phases in its structure. It is made with a microscope where the polished pieces are watched with 1500 magnify.
  • Hardness determination: this test allows the determination of the piece hardness and to compare it with the specification. It is made with a 3kg Micro Vickers machine.


Non-destructive tests:

  • Density determination: it allows to know the piece density, compare it with the theoretical and determine if the sintered process has been made correctly.labo2
  • Magnetic saturation determination: this test is made with a Magnetic Saturator that permits, by taking the magnetic cobalt percentage of the piece, the determination if the piece has been sintered correctly and if the carbon contained is the specified.
  • Coercivitydetermination: it serves to determine the relationship between the magnetic cobalt and the size of the crystals of tungsten carbide of the piece. It gives the fact of the correct temperature of the sintered of the piece. This test is made with a coercimeter.
  • Fault detection: an ultrasound equipment is used and detects internal failures in the piece. You can control the 100% of the lot. This is a key test for the big-sized pieces as bushings and drawing dies.