To fulfill these objectives, it is necessary that all the people in the organization participate actively, being aware that each of the simplest actions contributes to satisfy the customer’s requirements andin this way, they can take care of the environment, too.
Tantal’s Management is committed to:
» Satisfy the requirements of the equality and environmental standards due to the ISO NORMS 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, and to improve the efficiency of each of them.
» Prevent pollution
» Fulfill the legal requirements and others that they support related to the environmental aspects and to provide the necessary resources to implement this Policy.


Tantal quality and environmental policy

Tantal quality and environmental policy is to satisfy its customers’ needs and to respect the environment. This policy is applied to the cemented carbide design, production and sales (Sintered Tungsten Carbide), ready to press powder, Tungsten carbide powder, Metallic cobalt powder, Tantalium-niobium carbide powder, Amoniumparatungstate, cobalt oxalate and tantalium-Niobiumoxid.

Its aims are to:

» Elaborate products under the correct quality standards, within the deadlines.mundo

» Keep up with the international markets costs

» Manage its own environmental aspects to be able to control its impact.