Tantal is a company that manufactures cemented carbide pieces and raw material for the hard metal industry.

Its main characteristics are the quality, flexibility and adaptability to the needs of its clients, being unique in the manufacturing of special pieces according to the plans provided by our customers, following the standards required by their uses, with short-term delivery and small lots.



Tantal was born in 1956 as a producer of raw materials for the manufacturing of cemented carbide.

In 1991, it started to export, changing from just being a local producer of raw material for the hard metal industry to becoming a manufacturer of special hard metal pieces and thus exporting them mainly to Brazil. From that moment onwards, it started to produce tungsten carbide pieces for the metal mechanic, oil, mining and wood industries, and to develop special parts according to customers’ requests.
Nowadays, it is the only manufacturer in South America of raw material for the cemented carbide industry (Tungsten carbide, Metal Tungten, Cobalt and Tantalio Carbide) and the biggest cemented carbide manufacturer of our country.
Tantal exports more than 50% of its production to Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia. Its export business has made Tantal develop best quality and priced products to compete in the international markets.

In 1999, Tantal opened its branch in Brazil: Tantal Brazil Ltda, to be able to commercialize the products manufactured in Argentina.
In 2000 Tantal obtained the certification of the Quality Control System based on the ISO Norm 9001, over all its productive processes, including the raw material production.

In 2004 it started the manufacturing of tungsten carbide pieces to supply the Brazilian market.

Since 2007 it has been given the Environment Control System under the ISO Norm 14.001.


insti3Together with the improvement of its processes, Tantal is applying the ISO Norm 26000 RSE directions and so, in 2013, it published its first Sustainable Report, which strengthen its compromise with the environment, the society, its employees, its customers and suppliers and the working chain involved in this company.

The company has its own complete analysis laboratory and quality control that guarantees that the products carry the specifications requested by the customers, allowing the development of new products too.

Today Tantal continues growing and improving its products for the benefit of its customers.