For more than 10 years, Tantal has been a supplier of the principal manufacturers of oil pumps, both electrical and alternative.

  • Cemented carbide bushings and sleeves, valve seats for electric and alternative oil pumps. API standard and special designs.
  • Tungsten carbide and Titanium carbide balls.

Fishing, tubing, casing and drilling cemented carbide parts

  • Crashed cemented carbide, electrocast tungsten carbide and tungsten carbide particles, all used as wear resistance surface coatings.
  • Stabilizer bits, buttons and special cemented carbide parts for the oil and mining industries.
  • Tubular rods with electrocast cemented carbideand tungsten carbide particles, used to harden surface coatings
  • Special blanks

Alloy rods with cemented carbide fragments


The hard Braze is an alloy made of a matrix of Cu-Ni-Zn and the addition of Tungsten carbide of different sizes developed for different applications that need great abrasion resistance and the ability to cut.

Technical information:

Mould hardness: 160 HN Tungsten hardness: >1500 HV 10. Addition components: Cu 48%, Zn 42%, Ni 10%.
Coating: all the measures are available with or without flux coating.

New product:

Titanium Tantal Rod 5/16 (pyramidal): It is used to rotate iron templates; it is made of special inserts with titanium to tolerate higher temperatures and with a pyramidal structure to improve the efficiency of the rods.