Different qualities for the production of bushings, cylinders, noozles, and punches.

The tungsten carbiide requires the use of very special quality for the manufacturing of bushings, noozles, blocks and punches for stamping.

Tantal has Isostatic pressing Technology and Sinter Hip Technology for the sintering of these types of pieces, that guarantee there isn’t any porosity, developing special ready to press for each use that allow better results than the traditional qualities.


It improves the performance of the traditional quality of the G6 and G5. It has more cobalt and the size of the tungsten carbide particles are finer. This mixture makes it tougher, harder and with a higher resistance to fatigue. This formula is specially recommended for the production of stamping dies for screws in cold and hot stamping.


It replaces the traditional G4, for example for the hot extrusion of aluminium.


It improves the performance of the normal G3, because its formula contains a better quality cobalt and a finer tungsten carbide, obtaining as a result higher resistance and more hardness. It is used for the drawing drill in cold and hard bars.


It improves the performance of the traditional G2. It also has a bigger quantity of cobalt and the size of the tungsten carbide particle is finer, obtaining in these pieces more resistance and greater hardness, which in the past it appeared to be impossible. It is used to make big carbide drawing dies for cold pipes, copper, bronze and aluminium alloys.


It replaces in some cases the G2 and in others, the G1. It has higher resistance, more hardness and a better polish is obtained. This is due to the higher amount of cobalt and a much finer tungsten carbide, of less than 1µm. It is more used in the manufacturing of drawing diesof a smaller diameter.


It replaces the G3.

New anticorrosive grades:

There is a development of new grades which are corrosion resistant to weak acids as TH30 B and TH05B.

They replace the traditional qualities with nickel as the binding. It is used as stamps for the production of the food industry, oil industry pieces and other uses where there is the risk of oxidation in the cemented carbide piece in the process.

Tungsten carbide blocks for the cutting of wide-cut by EDM system

TANTAL has developed and launched into the market a new hard metal type, specially made for the wide- cut with threads in stamping dies: TH30B.

This typeis applied in the bigger tungsten carbide blocks, obtaining in this way, a higher resistance to the corrosion generated by the dielectric element of the EDM machine.
Another use of these tungsten carbide blocks is to cut extracting punches.

Both the blocks and the punches can be manufactured with the traditional Tantal quality.
These products are intended for manufacturers of electric engines, especially for the Brazilian market.


Since 2014, the Brazilian plant has installed an isostatic press that allows big cemented carbide pieces to be pressed, especially in its length which was one of the restrictions in the former presses.

This type of pressing, which reaches 2000 kg/cm2, assures the absence of pores in the big size pieces, solving in this way the former quality problems.